Who Are We?

For nearly a decade, Rhythmic has been providing businesses of all sizes with flexible and reliable IT solutions that scale as our clients grow—from fully managed IT services to turn-key application hosting.

Our team of project managers, engineers, and technicians works tirelessly to become a seamless part of each client, understanding their priorities and challenges. Our services are flexible enough to tailor them to fit each client, rather than expecting our clients to adapt their needs to what the industry offers.

Why Use Us?

We thrive on finding solutions to the most demanding of situations. Competence and discipline enable us to meet our client’s needs, and our dedication to those clients ensures we do. Simply put, our passion is in providing the productive, secure and available IT infrastructure you can rely and build your business upon.

Where Are Our Clients?

We are headquartered in Northern Virginia, and many of our clients are located in the Washington DC metropolitan area. But, we also have clients in every part of the country and in a half dozen countries around the globe. Our tools, processes and expertise lend themselves well to companies that rely on telework, off-shoring, and remote/branch office models.

Need To Contact Us?

Please use our contact page for generic inquiries or to find specific points of contact within our company.

Management Team

Cristopher Daniluk


Cris Daniluk’s two decades as an IT infrastructure professional started at a young age. As a 14-year old, Cris did web scripting and managed servers and sites after school in his bedroom, supporting early adopters of the internet in both businesses and enterprise markets.  20 years later he leads Rhythmic Technologies, an innovative and respected security and compliance-oriented hosting and managed cloud firm.

As founder and president, Cris is responsible for the strategic direction of Rhythmic Technologies, as well as daily execution of that strategy.  As part his hands-on leadership style, Cris is in daily contact with Rhythmic’s customers, prospects, and partners.  He also is deeply involved in the operations of the business, particularly on building the automation and customer self service systems and frameworks that are the foundation of Rhythmic’s secure cloud platform.

Additionally, Cris is intimately involved in the hiring, onboarding and professional growth of Rhythmic’s infrastructure and engineering teams, believing that immersion into Rhythmic’s best practices for secure and complaint managed cloud operations has a positive impact on the customer experience.

Before founding Rhythmic Cris was responsible for project management and business development at Claraview, where his work in securing projects worth over $100 million helped key the company’s acquisition by Teradata.

An Ohio native and a graduate of Youngstown State University, Cris suffers the longstanding pain of being a Cleveland sports fan.  Cris and his wife Ashleigh live in Northern Virginia with their two sons.

Steven Dickenson

Vice President

Steven Dickenson developed an interest in technology in grade school, but while his friends were interested in video games and gadgets, he found himself immersed in the underpinnings of the technology, fascinated with how things worked.  That interest grew from writing BASIC programs in fourth grade and networking the yearbook lab computers in high school into a career designing and executing secure technology operations for growth companies and compliance-conscious organizations.

In his role as vice president at Rhythmic Technologies, Steven leads the company’s infrastructure and managed services teams.  He is deeply involved in the technical operations of Rhythmic’s operations and customer relationships.

Steven’s responsibilities include:

  • Leading the teams that design, implement, and manage the companies hosting infrastructure and virtualization platforms.
  • Researching, evaluating and testing any new technology tools that the company’s technologists and customers express interest in.
  • Providing direction on the company’s strategy on technical operations of the business, including virtualization, storage, all aspects of Microsoft, Linux administration, systems automation, performance monitoring, and analysis.

An 18-year IT veteran, Steven was focused on the education sector for the first half of his career.   He led the IT team of a large private school and then consulted on IT infrastructure performance with other educational institutions throughout the Middle Atlantic region.  Steven’s longstanding interest in infrastructure led him to the hosting industry in 2007 as a consultant and shortly thereafter he joined Rhythmic, where he helped design and build the company’s hosting and operations platform.

A DC-area native, Steven lives in Virginia with his wife and younger children. The couple’s oldest son serves in the US Army.

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