The security industry is stuck in an arms race, trying to keep pace with the escalating cyberwar between nation states and the planet’s largest companies. It is an important race, but it is not yours to win. StandSecure is built to deliver practical security for apps running in AWS, providing immediate impact and measurable results, StandSecure is focused on the specific threats facing small businesses, particularly those building custom, open-source based applications.

StandSecure is a Managed Detect and Response platform designed to collect input from cloud-based systems, make intelligent automated decisions and leverage analysts specifically trained in the types of threats you are facing. We built StandSecure to attack the root causes of breaches, giving immediate protection to teams who need to focus on building their apps but need to be responsible with their customers’ data. We partnered with leading security companies and integrated their products tightly with our Security Operations Center to increase security awareness across your organization, detect and contain attacks before they become breaches, and provide a strong deterrent to would-be attackers.

StandSecure is built around our Awareness, Visibility and Posture approach to security, addressing each root cause systematically.


Security awareness must flow throughout the organization, with informed stakeholders who are able to prioritize their security decisions effectively and a workforce that understands their role in protecting the organization from the threats of phishing attacks and social engineering. We begin with our Security Scorecard to let customers know where they stand and integrate tools from our partners to assess posture, measure compliance and continually train your workforce.


Detecting and responding to an attack before data is lost requires the ability to collect, enrich and search across network traffic, endpoint activity and user behavior in real time. StandSecure configures sensors throughout the organization to collect data and forward to our SOC for investigation.


A strong posture is the barbed wire fence for the digital age. Most businesses are not the direct target of hackers, they simply have something of value that an attacker wants; credit cards, personally identifiable information, financial records or even medical records. Attackers are literally on the clock, and just like your own employees, their performance drives their income. By maintaining a strong posture through good cyber hygiene, you signal to would-be attackers that your competitor down the street is a far easier mark.

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