AWS Managed Services


You need to be focused on building the best apps possible for your customers, not on infrastructure. Our AWS Managed Services are built specifically to support engineering teams working in the cloud, improving the observability, automation and security of your account without disruption. Our mission is to give you the tools, resources and expertise you need to focus on building great apps.

Why Rhythmic Technologies?

We are the only managed services provider specifically designed to support engineering teams building apps in AWS.

Frictionless setup. Immediate results.

We have 20 years of DevOps experience, a toolkit of automated processes and capabilities, and a proven process designed to immediately improve system performance, reliability and security. We automatically deploy our security and monitoring systems into your apps, giving immediate protection and visibility without risk to production systems.

We make apps better.

We work with you to understand your app; fix problem areas; and improve reliability, performance and security. We even put an SLA on top of your infrastructure, your app and our response time.

We understand engineering teams and integrate with the customer to be one team.

Our process is designed to support Agile teams. Every client is assigned a lead engineer, and we can embed engineers directly into your team to create deeper alignment.

Managed Services

Account Management

Our team ensures your AWS account is set up according to both AWS best practices and our own Secure Configuration checklists. We also provide you with tools to monitor and optimize your cost and support you in managing reservations.

Performance & Availability Monitoring

We automatically create central logging and graphing dashboards for you, based on data from CloudWatch, server instances and custom application metrics. Our systems also can learn your application behavior to take action based on automated triggers such as learned time patterns and statistical modeling.

Security Monitoring

Our SOC monitors and manages GuardDuty, CloudTrail and Config for you. We also can tie directly into Kubernetes (EKS or self-managed) and OS instances for real-time managed detect and response capability.

Incident Response

Our NOC responds to alerts and emergency requests 24×7, keeping your application running properly at all times. We put an SLA on our response time and will form Incident Response Teams on your behalf, depending on the severity of the incident. We also will work with you to set SLAs on the performance availability of your application, taking full responsibility—and accountability.

DevOps & Automation

We are DevOps experts and have not met something we cannot automate. Automate deployments, define infrastructure as code via CloudFormation and Terraform templates, and create complex build pipelines that follow your dev and deploy workflows.

Engineering Support & Guidance

We act as your first-tier AWS response, giving you faster response times and more effective first responses from a team that knows you. You also gain access to our Solution Architects, who can give guidance on proposed designs and problems with existing systems. And we can give you access to an engineering team to implement solutions, even embedding one or more DevOps engineers directly on your Scrum team.

Configuration Management

We can deploy and manage your entire infrastructure as code, down to the instance level. And we’ll patch and scan your servers to ensure they’re compliant against whatever security baselines you follow.

Change Management

Our Lean Ops process brings a change-oriented mindset to change management. We work with you to determine exactly the right amount of process to balance the need to move fast with the need to be compliant, and we follow that process at all times. This ensures your approval processes for deployments and other changes are followed, freeing your team from worrying about it.

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