AWS Managed Security & Compliance


A comprehensive cloud defense platform

StandSecure is a comprehensive cloud defense platform designed to protect your AWS applications and infrastructure. Combining industry-leading cloud security tools, our Managed Detect and Response platform and our cloud-trained analysts, StandSecure gives you immediate protection from the threats you face.

We built StandSecure to attack the root causes of breaches in the cloud, giving immediate protection to teams who need to focus on building their apps but need to be responsible with their customers’ data. StandSecure embeds leading security products, tightly integrating with our Security Operations Center to increase security awareness across your organization, detect and contain attacks before they become breaches, and provide a strong deterrent to would-be attackers.

AWS Shared Responsibility Model

The AWS Shared Security Model puts quite a bit of the burden on you. In fact, nearly all security breaches are from areas for which the customer (that’s you) is ultimately responsible for. We built a complete set of security services designed specifically for the threats apps running in the cloud face.

Infrastructure/Network Security Monitoring

Security monitoring for cloud-based infrastructure. We will configure CloudTrail, WAF and GuardDuty monitoring and provide secure AMI templates for all major operating systems that automatically communicate with our StandSecure Cloud Defense Platform. Our team monitors for threats 24x7x365 and responds in real-time.

SOC Services

Many cloud “security” companies are nothing more than noise generators. Some pride themselves on only sending high quality signals, which is code for “they don’t alert on much”. Balance is key. Our SOC will receive all security alerts, investigate potential incidents and lead incident response.

Compliance Support

We can meet any level of compliance, including SOC, PCI-DSS and HITRUST. We work with you to gradually raise the level of compliance in their infrastructure and apps and work directly with your auditors to free your time and focus.

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