Rhythmic manages infrastructure and apps on behalf of our clients, in the cloud and in the data center, providing continuous app monitoring, administration, analysis, and security functions.

Our teams learn everything we can about our clients and their apps, working hand in hand with development teams, product managers and CTOs.  This level of familiarity with our customers ensures a responsive infrastructure that meets even the most stringent performance, availability and security requirements.

When faced with the challenges of a migration, customers benefit from Rhythmic’s deep expertise in migrating complex production systems to the cloud, whether private, public or hybrid. We will work with you to devise a cloud strategy that best leverages the wide range of options, develop a migration time that minimizes–or eliminates–downtime, and execute the migration.

Infrastructure services include:

  • Managed Infrastructure
  • AWS & Hybrid Management
  • Cloud Architecture/Design
  • Public Cloud Migrations


Whether your application is outgrowing your in-house IT team or taking valuable time away from development, DevOps gives you a comprehensive service that fully manages your application from ping and power to monitoring and operations, while enabling your development team to leverage modern processes such as continuous integration/deployment, zero-downtime deployment and self-healing container architectures.

DevOps is a challenging, fast-changing job that requires proven systems expertly instituted by experienced DevOps specialists.   By combining decades of experience in operations with a developer-oriented mindset, Rhythmic can facilitate a smooth transition to a DevOps model that enables faster release schedules and higher quality without sacrificing security, compliance and uptime.

DevOps services include:

  • Agile Operations
  • Configuration Management/Automation
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Monitoring


The cloud provides you with on-demand, high-performance, scalable servers and services without up-front capital investment.

But without adequate management many cloud solutions become unexpectedly costly and fail to deliver the performance required.   Rhythmic delivers the power of the cloud with a client-focused touch and the ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing physical and virtual servers, as well as other cloud providers.

Scale Instantly to Meet Demand

Provision new servers through our support portal, cloud dashboard or APIs. New servers are available in minutes with the storage, RAM and CPU you specify and can run a variety of operating systems or even custom templates provided by you. Servers can just as quickly be turned down, with metered billing to minimize cost.

Integrate Cloud Services with Your Infrastructure

You can securely and seamlessly integrate Rhythmic’s cloud services with your infrastructure. Utilizing site-to-site VPN tunnels, direct connections and VPN client access, you can securely and easily link cloud services with every aspect of your existing operations.

Implement Cost-Effective Disaster Recover Solutions

Cloud services are available in multiple data centers, with high speed connectivity between them. Whether you are targeting real-time geographic failover or cold recovery, our cloud services give you cost-effective, on-demand options.

Services include:

  • Public Cloud Platform
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Managed Private Clouds
  • High Availability Hosting


There’s no denying it—information security is a complicated world and it is a near certainty that you are under frequent attack.

A security breach can do significant damage to your customer relationships and your reputation.  In the face of increasingly sophisticated attackers and complex, mandated security requirements, it’s hard to know where to start—or when.

Rhythmic understands the intersection of security and technology well and can assist your team in assessing your current risk and prioritizing your efforts. We can integrate managed security functions into your existing operations and ensure you achieve you meet your compliance objectives, including audits and accreditations.

Services include:

  • Managed Security
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • PCI, NIST Compliance

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