Managed Security & Compliance

Maintaining an effective security posture in the cloud brings new challenges, requiring modern tools and a fresh perspective. Rhythmic has both to help you meet your security and compliance objectives.

Monitor AWS Security ServicesMonitor AWS Security Services

  • Real-time AWS GuardDuty monitoring and response
  • Detect anomalous or non-compliant behavior via CloudTrail

Streamline compliance and auditStreamline compliance and audit

  • Use automation and external monitoring to meet compliance requirements without impacting your current operations.
  • Have a team of experts to work directly with your auditors and guide you through the audit process.

Implement secure-by design systemsImplement secure-by design systems

  • Employ best practices for secure design to minimize the security footprint of your application.
  • Implement zero-trust end-to-end in your application, protecting front-end and back-end services from attack.

“Rhythmic’s hosting solutions have always been completely dependable for Elevate and our clients. I don’t hesitate to recommend them as part of a project solution to anyone we’re working with. It’s invaluable to be able to work with someone easily online or on the phone and see real solutions offered, not just a cookie-cutter product so many others offer.”

Elevate Pictures

Increase Awareness, Visibility and Posture

  • Increase situational awareness, training and maturity of you and your team.
  • Move beyond detection and begin reacting to security events.
  • Minimize your security footprint and increase cyber hygiene to discourage would-be attackers.
Cost Optimization

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified Operations

Kubernetes in Production

Rhythmic has been validated by AICPA-certified auditors to meet the rigorous SOC 2 requirements. The SOC 2 process validates our security controls are effective and performed correctly, providing assurance to our clients that we do what we say we do.

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