AWS Managed Services Breakdown

  Monitored Managed DevOps
Account Management      
Cost Optimization
Quarterly Architecture Reviews
Monthly Operations Reports  
Audit & Compliance Support
Additional fees for audit/compliance based on requirements and application environment
Assigned Account Manager  
Performance & Availability Monitoring      
Up/Down, Threshold and Pattern Alerting
ELK Logging Dashboards  
CloudWatch Metric Graphing  
Custom Application Metrics  
Security Monitoring      
AWS GuardDuty Monitoring
Vulnerability Reporting (AWS Inspector)
AWS CloudTrail Monitoring w/Rule Library
24/7 SOC Monitoring & Response  
OS Security Event Monitoring  
AWS Config Rule Library  
AWS/Kubernetes Security Event Monitoring    
Incident Response      
On Call Engineering
24/7/365 Monitoring & Support NOC  
Major Incident Handling  
Response Time SLAs  
Custom Application SLAs
SLAs defined after minimum 90 day monitoring period
DevOps & Automation      
Deployment Automation    
Infrastructure as Code    
Build Pipeline Creation    
Engineering Support & Guidance      
AWS Tier 1 Support
Rhythmic must be registered account reseller to provide AWS support
AWS Solution Architect Support
Bundled hours per month based on plan, hourly thereafter
Assigned Lead Engineer    
Scrum-Integrated Engineers    
Configuration Management      
Secure AWS, OS Templates
Vulnerability Management  
Patch Management  
Configuration Drift Monitoring    
Change Management      
Runbook Creation  
Approval Workflows  
Release/Deployment Management    

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