DevOps Consulting

Build automated, self-healing cloud-native applications. Our engineers integrate with your team to enhance and develop your DevOps skills and capabilities.

We are an experienced partner.We are an experienced partner.

  • We’ve been doing DevOps since before it had a cool name. We believe strongly in tightly integrating ops, dev and security. And, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

We bring DevOps into your team.We bring DevOps into your team.

  • We believe DevOps is a capability that lives within the heart of a team, not within a consultant. We work with you to develop in-house DevOps culture and capabilities.

We work with modern tools and platforms in production.We work with modern tools and platforms in production.

  • We have production experience in cutting-edge platforms, including Kubernetes.
  • Our engineers use tools like Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible and Packer daily to deliver automated Infrastructure-as-Code solutions.

“After seeing what the deep team at Rhythmic Technologies did for us, the acquiring company has gone from wanting to wrap our infrastructure into their own to trying to see how they can incorporate more Rhythmic Technologies into their life.”

Private Equity Entrepreneur 

Infrastructure as Code + Automation = Rapid Iteration

The heart of DevOps is moving fast—really fast—to improve quality and deliver value to customers sooner. Key to that are Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and automation. Together, these allow you to define your infrastructure programmatically, then push your code to that infrastructure immediately.

Our engineers and architects know how to migrate existing production systems to take advantage of these capabilities without disruption. We gradually introduce tooling like Terraform, Ansible and Packer, redefining infrastructure from documentation and tribal knowledge to declarative states that can be created with the push of a button. In tandem, we evolve deployment procedures to achieve full automation, including database/scheme migrations, blue/green deployments, and other techniques that ensure repeatable, low-risk outcomes.

Cost Optimization

We Run Kubernetes in Production

Kubernetes in Production

Kubernetes has enormous potential—and complications for any cloud-based environment. As a “platform on a platform”, Kubernetes creates interesting questions about when and how to use its capabilities. And, in spite of being mature enough for production, it presents many pitfalls that you need to be mindful of.

Our team has 3 years of experience running Kubernetes in production and nearly 4 years running it in dev/test environments. So, we understand its strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities. We will work with you to establish a roadmap for Kubernetes in production or help rescue a production rollout that isn’t meeting expectations.

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