Cloud Strategy & Implementation

While we work in AWS, our team’s experience extends much further back than the cloud. We have been building applications on the web since the mid-90s, so we understand the challenges you face. Because we are specifically focused on engineering teams and custom apps, our approach is a little different from the “standard” best practices and guides you’ll find. For example, we feel that the typical strategy of migrate-then-optimize is incredibly risky to both budget and reliability. Our team thinks outside of the box to blend best practices, our experience, and your requirements to design and implement creative cloud solutions.

AWS ImplementationsAWS Implementations

Our team can implement new infrastructure in AWS or extend existing infrastructure with new apps and capabilities.

Production MigrationProduction Migration

We have migrated simple and complex applications to AWS with minimal downtime–and with no cost surprises.

Cloud Readiness AssessmentsCloud Readiness Assessments

Assessments specifically targeted to custom applications give you relevant insight into where you can expect to see cost, performance, availability and security benefits (or pitfalls) in the cloud.

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