On-Schedule, On-Budget Cloud Migrations

We have migrated complex production systems on-time and on-budget. Our team understands how to manage the risks of cloud migration and deliver successful outcomes.

Flexible ApproachFlexible Approach

We work with you to select the  best migration strategy and do not rely on a prescriptive approach.


Our team has migrated dozens of systems to AWS without downtime, including production systems with hundreds of servers.

Strong ProcessStrong Process

We use a strong process to ensure comprehensive discovery and planning before migration begins.

“As I begin the process of finding the next acquisition, I see plenty of organizations that have unrealized potential.  Like my last company, they need to get their infrastructure right.  Working with Rhythmic Technologies has been working to help us see the total potential value in these firms, as improved web performance and reliability will immediately enhance their position in the marketplace.  Getting the infrastructure right will again enable us to concentrate on building the business. The ability of our team to execute with similar results and return has been greatly enhanced by my relationship with the Rhythmic team and my experience with them has given me great confidence that they will be a part of our next success story.”

Private Equity Entrepreneur 

Strong Migration Process

  • Strategy: We work with your team to map out overall objectives and priorities to create a migration roadmap.
  • Discovery: We dig deep on your existing systems, mapping out dependencies, identifying areas of risk and learning how each of your applications behaves.
  • Planning: We reconcile migration risks learned in discovery against strategic objectives to determine the optimal path forward. Expected downtime and schedule are determined at this phase. Our planning process strives to minimize overlapping costs, steps backward in availability and performance, and any reduction in security.
  • Execution: We begin working systematically with your team to migrate systems. Where possible, we look for low risk wins to move first, validating approach and increasing comfort with your team.
  • Adapt: We begin optimizing and adapting your applications and systems to a cloud-native design that optimizes cost, security and reliability.
Cost Optimization

Experience Where It Counts: Production Migrations

Kubernetes in Production
  • We have migrated many production systems to AWS. Our team understands how to minimize and even eliminate downtime, creating a seamless migration for your customers.
  • We use a combination of “lift-and-shift” and cloud native migration. This approach minimizes key cloud migration risks.

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