AWS Consulting

We work with your team to provide cloud expertise, whether migrating to the cloud, implementing DevOps, or optimizing your existing cloud infrastructure. Our team can be engaged on a per-project basis or continuously through managed engineering arrangements.

Our team has the right skills
for your projectOur team has the right skills for your project:

  • We are AWS Certified Professionals
  • We run Kubernetes in production
  • We use tools like Terraform and Ansible to build 100% IaC.

Our team has experience in the cloud and in traditional designs.Our team has experience in the cloud and in traditional designs.

  • Many of us have 20+ years of experience in infrastructure.
  • We have migrated dozens of complex infrastructures to the cloud successfully.
  • We understand how to correctly migrate traditional infrastructure to cloud-native design.

You can engage us flexibly.You can engage us flexibly.

  • We work on projects on a time and material or fixed price basis.
  • We can work cross-functionally or embed in your existing Scrum teams, on a full- or part-time basis.
  • Our goal is to educate and elevate, promoting self sufficiency and professional development on your team.

“As I begin the process of finding the next acquisition, I see plenty of organizations that have unrealized potential.  Like my last company, they need to get their infrastructure right.  Working with Rhythmic Technologies has been working to help us see the total potential value in these firms, as improved web performance and reliability will immediately enhance their position in the marketplace.  Getting the infrastructure right will again enable us to concentrate on building the business. The ability of our team to execute with similar results and return has been greatly enhanced by my relationship with the Rhythmic team and my experience with them has given me great confidence that they will be a part of our next success story.”

Private Equity Entrepreneur 

Cost Optimization

  • Traditional designs tend to run inefficiently in the cloud. To truly see the cost savings opportunities you were expecting in the cloud, changes typically need to be implemented.
  • Our engineers will work with you to identify high-impact cost savings opportunities with quick return on investment.
  • Optimal cost designs in the cloud also tend to be more reliable and more secure. We will outline how recommendations will impact both.
Cost Optimization

Kubernetes in Production

Kubernetes in Production
  • Kubernetes has transformative potential, but it also has a high barrier of entry. It is a rapidly evolving ecosystem.
  • Using Kubernetes requires both understanding the underlying infrastructure implications as well as how to correctly structure and deploy your application.
  • Our team has been running Kubernetes in production since 2015 and has significant experience in gradually introducing it to live workloads.

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