COVID-19 Notice for Job Candidates

At this time, Rhythmic is continuing to conduct interviews in person, at our office in Dulles, Va. A wide range of scientific research shows that both engagement and rapport are greatly improved through in-person interactions. Our people are our strength, and our responsibility to each of them is to ensure we hire high-quality candidates that will have our employees' back and grow our culture. Knowing that even modern video conferencing will diminish both our ability to assess a candidate and a candidate’s ability to demonstrate her or his skills, experience and passion, we will keep in-person interviews so long as we can safely do so.

To that end, we are following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and local health policies, which we are monitoring daily. We have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our employees as well as the limited number of visitors we permit during this time:

  • Rhythmic has implemented a cleaning and disinfecting protocol. This includes daily disinfection of all common area surfaces, door knobs/pulls, etc., and a weekly deep cleaning by a janitorial services firm. Deep cleaning is done in line with CDC guidelines for disinfecting a workplace environment.
  • Rhythmic has coordinated with its landlord to ensure building common areas — including doors, elevators and bathrooms — are disinfected daily. Rhythmic is monitoring to ensure this occurs as specified.
  • All work travel — including local travel — is restricted for all employees. Rhythmic is monitoring personal travel for employees, as well, and may ask employees to self-quarantine on return based on the location(s) to which they traveled.
  • Rhythmic has always maintained flexible work-from-home policies. We continue to do so at this time and have encouraged all employees to work from home and adopt flexible schedules as needed, particularly as schools and daycares close.
  • Employees who exhibit key symptoms — fever, cough and shortness of breath/chest tightness — are required to self-quarantine for 14 days and may only return sooner with a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Rhythmic’s office is closed to all non-essential visitors, including clients and vendors. At this time, the only exception we are making is for candidate interviews.

Many larger companies have closed their offices for all non-essential activities, and countless gatherings and events have been cancelled, delayed or converted to a virtual format. If and when conditions change, we will do the same. At the moment, the same guidelines that warrant closure of larger gatherings and offices support smaller ones remaining open.

With the policies we have put in place, less than 25 people per day will come and go from our office. We will monitor the rate of local community transmission daily to ensure our stance remains appropriate and safe. And we will continue to rigorously enforce our cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of our team.

We understand if you are uncomfortable participating in an in-person interview and hope you will consider Rhythmic for future opportunities. For those candidates who do come in for interviews, we ask that you use the hand sanitizer we have made available immediately after entering our office and avoid hand shaking (and hand shaking alternatives such as the “elbow bump”). If you are exhibiting any concerning symptoms, in particular a cough accompanied by fever, we would be glad to reschedule your interview for a future point in time.

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