About Us

Our Approach

Rhythmic is the only company built specifically to support engineering teams building apps in AWS.

We have been designing, implementing and operating infrastructure for custom applications for over 20 years, allowing us to combine the experience that comes from spending a long time in the trenches with the modern thinking that comes from building cloud-based infrastructure and being part of DevOps teams.

Because we’re built to support engineering teams, we’re not the typical managed services company. We take process seriously but also believe that infrastructure must be flexible in order to enable opportunities for our clients. We look toward deep relationships where we can be challenged, make an impact and learn.

We’re proud to say our average client has been with us over 5 years, validating that our unique process makes a difference.

Cost Optimization

Our Goal

Kubernetes in Production

To give our clients the tools they need to focus on their great ideas. We use the cloud to deliver on that, with flexible infrastructure and the insight to make apps better–through higher-quality releases, faster performance, better reliability and the tools to effectively observe the behavior of the application at scale.

Why use Rhythmic AWS Managed Services

“Our infrastructure management is critical to our success at the Center for Medical Education and our commerce platform simply CANNOT suffer any downtime.   Five years ago when I arrived at CME the organization had many strengths, but infrastructure design and operations was not one of them.   I turned to Rhythmic Technologies, and the results have been exactly what we needed.  Rhythmic has provided seamless service and monitoring which has led to maximum uptime without damaging service interruptions.  The Rhythmic team has a knack for getting ahead of potential issues before they impact our business and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful about all aspects of the applications and infrastructure they handle for us.   Rhythmic has been a valued partner helping us execute a critical part of our business on behalf of our customers for over 5 years and we’re looking forward to a continuation of our relationship with them for years to come.”


Center for Medical Education

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