Rhythmic Technologies and littleBits Team Up to Support Young Computer Scientists Through Code Club

Working with Algonkian Elementary School, Rhythmic Launches Afterschool Code Club for Students to Learn STEM Skills As Part of Its Community Outreach Program

Dulles, VA, Dec. 5, 2019 – Today, Rhythmic Technologies, a DevOps infrastructure management company, announced that it has concluded its first Code Club program in conjunction with Algonkian Elementary School. Partnering with littleBits, Rhythmic employees worked with 4th-grade students to help them develop STEM/STEAM skills. littleBits provided Code Kits for the effort, which is part of Rhythmic’s community outreach efforts.

“As professionals in the technology industry, we’re delighted to share our work and experience with students so that they might envision themselves pursuing a career in technology,” said Ashleigh Daniluk, Technical Communications Manager, Rhythmic Technologies. “It’s been such a rewarding experience to give back to our community, while also building relationships with colleagues at Rhythmic.”

The Code Club sought to engage students in hands-on, project-based learning, which directly aligns with the school’s goals. By working with the littleBits team, Algonkian received a grant to bring Code Kits into the classroom and incorporate them into the club’s curriculum.

“We’re thrilled with the integration of Code Kits into our afterschool program,” said Daniluk. “The team is leveraging the littleBits curriculum resources which significantly reduced our planning time and made the coding experience fun and engaging for the students.”

During the six-week program, 20 students gained an understanding of Computer Science and the basics of coding. The pilot project enabled the Rhythmic team to create a program that they can replicate and continue to expand to other schools in the future.

“The 4th-grade students in the Coding Club came away with a considerable understanding of Computer Science and the basics of coding,” said Pauline Burkett, Instructional Facilitator of Technology (IFT), Algonkian Elementary School. “The Rhythmic team did a fantastic job teaching with little Bits and our students gained coding experiences.”

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