Nehemiah Security Successfully Modernizes from VMWare Platform to Amazon Web Services with Architecture, Migration and Ops Know-How Provided by Rhythmic Technologies

SaaS providers in every sector must have high-performing infrastructure to survive. Many of those saddled with a localized, hardware-dependent, highly bespoke development process are at a significant competitive disadvantage and would benefit greatly by transforming their current infrastructure to a cloud-based, automated process.

Nehemiah Security has experienced the benefits of such a transition. Cumbersome deployments were a continuing issue, impeding their ability to put new features in the hands of their customers as quickly as possible. Faced with competition from nimble, cloud-native competitors, Nehemiah needed to transition from a VMware-dependent, on-premise process toward a cloud-based SaaS model.

Nehemiah successfully transitioned to an “all-in” AWS approach, reducing costs, improving security and dramatically speeding up the process of getting features to customers. Let’s study their path.

Evolve to Survive 

It was 2017 when it became apparent that Nehemiah’s original VMWare-centric technology stack was creating numerous pain points and making it difficult for customers to adopt their software. The company realized it needed to transition from the product the company had originally developed and create a cloud-based IT risk assessment platform that would meet their customers’ growing security and risk needs.

This is much easier said than done. Nehemiah needed support to properly architect a new cloud solution, migrate to that solution and then manage their infrastructure for secure, maximum-uptime operations.

Rhythmic Technologies Leads the Journey from Custom to Cloud

Rhythmic was consulted to help create the AWS infrastructure and migrate existing customer deployments. It was a challenging process to evolve from legacy infrastructure and processes and implement a new solution that maintained security and stability while providing the opportunity to scale.

Rhythmic handled every element of the migration to AWS, designing and deploying the new platform, working with Nehemiah to build the app for AWS and eliminate past headaches.

The following AWS products are empowering Nehemiah’s successful new infrastructure:

  • AWS EC2 and RDS – Compute and database provide the foundation of the platform, with automated deployments for new customers and software updates powered through CloudFormation and Terraform.
  • AWS CloudWatch, GuardDuty and SecurityHub – Powerful AWS security tools help protect Nehemiah’s customer data.
  • AWS S3 – S3 provides secure storage for customer data, application code, backups and data analysis.

With the migration complete, Rhythmic focused on empowering Nehemiah to implement new features securely and for maximum availability.

The AWS Cloud Delivers Speed, Scalability, and Performance

Rhythmic helped Nehemiah focus on creating a platform that was both secure and easily reproducible, providing confidence in the scalability of the company’s products within their growing customer base.

AWS has been an ideal infrastructure platform, performing as Rhythmic expected based on the company’s past experience with other clients.

End User End Results 

While the development process at Nehemiah was previously slow and tedious, the company now has the ability to turn on a dime to introduce new features and enhanced products to compete favorably in a hard-knocking, competitive landscape.

Moving Forward

Again utilizing Rhythmic Technologies, Nehemiah is now having a new multi-tenant platform built to scale even further than their new-and-improved infrastructure already does. This is also being built in AWS and using AWS tools, as what Rhythmic Technologies is now doing for customers with AWS dwarfs the possibilities offered by any other cloud provider.

“Rhythmic Technologies provided AWS-centric cloud know-how, along with security and operational excellence, for maximum uptime and performance. Rhythmic handled the architecture and ops, did all the heavy lifting and freed us up to focus on our product and customers. Thanks to their work, Nehemiah now thrives in the AWS cloud.”

David Evans, Chief Information Officer, Nehemiah Security

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