Customer Perspective: World Bank Solves Downtime Issues, Empowers Developers, Helps Global Education

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We had some significant website issues with our previous provider that stemmed from a problem with Drupal. One of our technologists was familiar with Rhythmic Technologies and brought them into our process. Rhythmic’s sales process was very solutions oriented, with an obvious improvement in speed and performance shown by comparison testing backed by clear communication every step of the way.  Rhythmic’s expert staff has earned our trust with the job they’ve done for us.

Yann Doignon
Online Communications Officer
World Bank Global Partnership for Education.

World Bank Global Partnership for Education

World Bank has a very complex procurement process, allowing for a limited number of vendors.  Rhythmic Technologies is one of only three authorized hosting companies in the entire World Bank.  Organizations in the bank that lacked large technology staffs,  like Global Partnership, needed a personal experience.   The hosting company they had been using was lacking and the way the site was built was lacking.  The hosting firm and those responsible for design were blaming each other and were resistant to working together.

Those with responsibility at the World Bank decided they wanted a relationship between a hosting company and a development team.  Interactive relationship, not just help-desk tickets that get closed out and then someone new was dealing with the next problem.

Rhythmic Technologies was approached by Global Partnership and asked to make a series of specific suggestions to help the site.

Rhythmic Technologies provides account management, assigning a manager and team to assume ownership of a specific application.    Rhythmic executed a coordinated takeover of the website.   A series of things were asked of the developers do in stages.  Incremental changes were made on a step-by-step basis as opposed to a massive overall.  These series of small changes led to significant improvement.

The architecture has had many elements changed, though it is still Drupal running on Linux.  Rhythmic changed the way that caching was done on the site.  The result was that pages that were previously taking over five seconds to load were now taking less than half a second with no increase in cost.

The next frontier for the World Bank Global Parthership has Rhythmic dealing with the organization’s Office of Information security (OIS).  An Authority to Operate had to be instituted.    A series of sophisticated penetration tests took place to see if OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standards were met.  This is the first stage of a test looking for weak spots.   The initial work done by Rhythmic  came through without any flags or vulnerabilities.

Rhythmic Technologies takes the concerns of OIS seriously and works with them on any concerns that they have.

The partnership has been successful and the World Bank Global Partnership organization has made a long term commitment with Rhythmic Technologies.

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