Month: November 2018

AWS re:Invent: The Guide To Not Going

AWS hosts their annual conference next week in Las Vegas, bringing in 40,000+ people from around the world to showcase their company and roll out new and enhanced services for the coming year. AWS re:Invent is a big deal, and for many of us, how we spend 2019 will be greatly shaped by the announcements

S3 Public Access Policies: What You Need To Know

Last week, AWS announced S3 Public Access Policies, new bucket-level controls to restrict public access to buckets. This is a big deal, as prior to this there was no way to definitively make a bucket and its contents private. AWS asserts that buckets were always private by default. In reality, buckets suggested private access in the

AWS News – October Round Up

With the endless flood of new products, features and changes from AWS and its surrounding ecosystem, it can be easy to miss an update. Our monthly round up highlights major AWS news, announcements, product updates and behind the scenes changes we think are most relevant. There have been a lot of big announcements over the

Kubespy shines a light on your Kubernetes cluster

The IT landscape is one that evolves rapidly and, when providing a service, one that is very dynamic in meeting demand. Since Google open sourced the Kubernetes project in 2014, it has gained a lot of popularity as a solution that manages containerized workloads/services, allowing for scalable configuration and automation. Kubernetes does a great job